Best Times of Year to Travel to Las Vegas

Best Months to Visit Las Vegas, Nevada.
When planning a trip to Las Vegas, it is good to know which times of the year are most ideal. For instance, you want to avoid the hot summer days in which it gets up to one-hundred degrees. The absolute best months to travel to Vegas are the middle of February through the beginning of June and mid-August to early December. These tend to be cooler and more enjoyable when sight seeing, generally being between low fifties to below eighty degrees. July and August are two of the hottest months in Las Vegas. Unless you plan on spending the entire time somewhere with plenty of air condition, it’s best to wait until there is cooler weather. However, in the winter, it can be bone chilling and if your not a snow bunny, this is not a good time to travel either.

Activities to Enjoy in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is absolutely a wonderful place with so much to see and do.

Must See Tourist Attractions:
* The Zoomline
* Lake Mead Cruise
* Wild West Horseback Adventures
* American Alpine Institute
* Bonnie Springs Old Nevada
* Adventure Balloons
* Cowboy Trail Rides
* Desert Adventures LLC

The SlotZilla Zip Line.
When visiting Las Vegas in the spring, experiencing the amazing scenery while flying past on a Zip line is totally incredible. Located on Fremont Street and featuring a twelve story casino slot machine. With two packages to choose from, the “Zipline” and the “Zoomline”.

Zipline – Travels at seventy-seven feet in the air past the Four Queens and Fremont Casinos. Riders sit upright and cruise along enjoying the various sights.

Zoomline – Taking off at one-hundred fourteen feet, zooms people across Vegas and past the “Golden Gate”. Traveling at up to forty miles an hour will give you an experience unlike any other. Imagine having the sensation of actually flying while looking down across the town.

Lake Mead Cruise And Hoover Dam Discovery.
Another cool thing to do in the springtime is traveling along Lake Mead aboard a three leveled paddle wheeling cruise boat. Which includes lunch and four-hundred fifty minute boat tour. You can enjoy catching a glimpse of the famous Hoover Dam while cruising in style. Which is perfect for those traveling at the end of spring and the beginning of fall.

Wild West Horseback Adventures.
View the vast Vegas wilderness on horseback with “Wild West Horseback Adventures” trail tour. You will be picked up directly from your hotel room and arrive to be greeted by their hospitable ranch hands. From there you’ll be paired up with an amazing trail horse to help you explore the Nevada wilderness. Perhaps hearing the call of a lone coyote of catching a glimpse of some jackrabbits.

American Alpine Institute.
Get a view of the red rocks of Southern Nevada with American Alpines guided rock climbing tour. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, this is quite a different experience to take. Tours are available in either half or full days, depending on how much free time you have.

Bonnie Springs Old Nevada.
Located half an hour from the Las Vegas Strip, Bonnie Springs is a duplicated old western town with an authentic saloon and cowboys. You can watch shoot outs in the streets of town just like back in the old western days. They also offer special wedding ceremonies as well.

Adventure Balloons.
Enjoy the views of Nevada up in the wild blue yonder upon an Adventure Balloon flight. Which features a one hour ride in their hot air balloon, free T-shirt, champagne and shirt pin. They also offer special flights for wedding parties. View Las Vegas from way up high where you can see everything.

Cowboy Trail Rides.
Travel the Las Vegas desert on horseback with Cowboy Trail Rides. Choose from six different tours that overlook the vast landscape. Some of which venture through narrow canyons, while others wind around mountain trails. Most offering a complimentary snack of sandwiches.

Desert Adventures, LLC.
Desert Adventures is for those with a true love of the great outdoors. Have fun beyond your wildest imagination on a Desert Adventure tour. They have several ways in which to travel along the rocky terrain. Depending on your preference, there are ATV tours and a wide variety of others.

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